Beauty Talk – From Skinification to Augmented Underskin

Thursday 24th February 2022 – 02:00

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The pandemic has stirred the ultra-fetishization of wellness and the healthification of the beauty
industry. With a preventive mindset becoming the new normality, consumers are focused on care and safety, and they crave potent, power-dosing ingredients across all of their beauty products. In response, brands are engineering products using the latest technological advances, while at the same time introducing new, biological semantics into the beauty narrative. In the years ahead, consumers will be alerted to a new discourse around the underskin (Physical and Emotiona).

Aïmara Coupet

Expert & Founder – BE+RADIANCE

Multi-Racial Aïmara was born in Martinique of afro-Caribbean and French descents and grew up in Canada before moving to Paris 17 years ago.
Graduated from HEC Montreal Business School she started her career in 1999 at L’Oréal Canada as Product Manager for Makeup. She then moved to Sephora’s global headquarter in Paris to develop Sephora Collection. 6 years later, she took over the Head of Development and Marketing at blackUp Cosmetics where she built a unique expertise as Brown and Black Skin Specialist. In 2016, working as a well-respected independent specialist for product development, she started a mission with a French Lab on a very innovative formulation to create a silicone free, cucumber water-based foundation… She got totally passionate about creating makeup to really respect skin balance and improve skin condition. She then got introduced to the skin microbiome by a French Doctor in Biology with whom she started introducing encapsulated active probiotics into her makeup products.
BE+RADIANCE was born in 2019 and the probiotic infused makeup launched in October 2020. The brand mission is to create makeup products for healthier skin with a microbiome friendly approach.

Emmanuel Rey

Founder & CEO – Yuni Beauty

YUNI Beauty, a wellness brand featuring natural skincare and body products that save time, restore health, and relieve stress, is founded, and led by Emmanuel Rey. The active beauty products are compact, portable, and formulated to deliver maximum results. YUNI’s natural skin, body, hair, and aroma products are made with custom-blended plant-based perfumes and unique textures, providing sensory resources that help you retain the beneficial effects of your athleisure activities long after cool-down. Their green beauty philosophy motivates us to make natural products that benefit the environment while also improving the quality of life.

Leila Rochet-Podvin

CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer- Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

With over 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry, Leila Rochet founded Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation in 2007, a Trend Forecasting and Consulting Firm specializing in Beauty Innovations. Based in Paris with a network of international partners, her firm works with the top international beauty companies. She earned her MBA from Cornell University (USA) before heading various international positions in International Marketing and Development at Procter & Gamble and LVMH.
Leïla is a “beauty trotter” with a passion for world cultural influences, changes in consumers’ lifestyle, innovations and their influence on beauty and her office has worked on the Green/Wellness trend for more than ten years. She contributes expert insight for Premium Beauty News and CosmetiqueMag and has been featured in various other magazines such as BW Confidential, WWD and CosmeticDesign.
Leila frequently speaks at beauty industry events and has held various conferences all around the world including CEW Beauty Day Paris, MakeUp in events, and more.

Sarah Jindal

Senior Director – Mintel

As Mintel’s Senior Director, Sarah brings with her over 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry with a background in both marketing and product development. She works closely with major and emerging brands helping to map innovation and strategize for future success while driving the overall content strategy for beauty, personal care, and household both regionally and globally.