Beauty Talk – From Color to Joyspotting

Wednesday 23rd February 2022 – 03:00

Booth D20

As consumers navigate the uncertainty of a With Covid world, it sharpens the appetite for play and escapism. Joyspotting reveals a new facet of beauty, one where makeup is cumulatively self-care, a tool of transformation and a manifestation of self-fluidity. Brands must approach the art of beauty as an act of pleasure and develop products that deliver an instant shot of happiness, in order to lift consumers out of the pandemic slump.

Addison Cain

Beauty Strategy & Innovation Manager – Spate NYC

Addison Cain, Beauty Strategy & Innovation Manager at Spate, is a passionate beauty expert who uses her knowledge to guide and support product launches, brand strategy, and marketing. Brands she’s worked with in the past include up-and-coming favorites like Naturium and cult classics like Sunday Riley. Using a deep understanding of the beauty space combined with Spate data, she provides valuable, actionable insights for brands in the beauty, personal care, wellness spaces, and beyond.

Katherine&Caroline Ramos

CO-Founders’ –  Rituel de Fille

Founded by three sisters, Rituel de Fille has been a bond, a passion, an obsession. We’ve spent years perfecting our formulations by hand, through an alchemical process using expertise earned through years of study and experimentation. We produce all our products in-house to meet our exacting standards, making each color with the smallest number of ingredients possible.

• Katherine Ramos, Co-Founder of Rituel de Fille, is an accomplished writer, editor, and fine artist. She is passionate about craftsmanship and materials, and merges intuitive creativity with obsessive research and study.

• Caroline Ramos, Co-Founder of Rituel de Fille, is a makeup artist with a background in fashion editorial and has worked extensively on campaigns for major brands. She brings the same remarkable precision in her artistry to her work in our studio and to our aesthetic.

Leila Rochet-Podvin

CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer- Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

With over 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry, Leila Rochet founded Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation in 2007, a Trend Forecasting and Consulting Firm specializing in Beauty Innovations. Based in Paris with a network of international partners, her firm works with the top international beauty companies. She earned her MBA from Cornell University (USA) before heading various international positions in International Marketing and Development at Procter & Gamble and LVMH.
Leïla is a “beauty trotter” with a passion for world cultural influences, changes in consumers’ lifestyle, innovations and their influence on beauty and her office has worked on the Green/Wellness trend for more than ten years. She contributes expert insight for Premium Beauty News and CosmetiqueMag and has been featured in various other magazines such as BW Confidential, WWD and CosmeticDesign.
Leila frequently speaks at beauty industry events and has held various conferences all around the world including CEW Beauty Day Paris, MakeUp in events, and more.

Olivier Zimmer

Co-Founder – Spate NYC

Olivier Zimmer co-founder of Spate, a machine intelligence solution for finding the next big trend in beauty and consumer goods. Spate analyzes over 10 billion consumer behavior signals from across the web to identify new whitespace opportunities for brands.
Previously, Olivier spent 10 years at Google where he and his Spate co-founder started Google’s Trendspotting division while leading the data science team. He spotted trends such as face masks, turmeric, and cold brew before it was a thing.
He moved to the U.S. via a prestigious grant provided by the Belgian Royal family; he graduated from the Free University of Brussels and from the University of California Berkeley.