Kathryn Madison

Dye Candy

As an Army brat living overseas, and later as an ex-pat traveling the world, Kathryn was captivated by self-expression through beauty and culture.
It was natural that she was drawn into the salon world where her own over the top self-expression of beauty was celebrated, finding joy aiding the transformation of others.
While taking a break from the salon, Kathryn discovered how difficult it was to self-color her hair at home and despite her skills. The awkwardness and mess made her dread what should have been an experience of self-care. On further exploration, she discovered that most home color was applied with rigid, ketchup-like, single-use bottles provided in kits that were bound for ocean waste and landfills.
After many years, multiple designs, prototypes, and testing, Kathryn’s final design has now been internationally patented. The Hummingbird has launched as Dye Candy’s flagship product with a mission to provide a sustainable option to single-use plastics, transforming the experience and outcome of color application and in the process touching the heads of many, just like she did while in the salon.