Katherine & Caroline Ramos

Co-Founders of Rituel de Fille

Founded by three sisters, Rituel de Fille has been a bond, a passion, an obsession. We’ve spent years perfecting our formulations by hand, through an alchemical process using expertise earned through years of study and experimentation. We produce all our products in-house to meet our exacting standards, making each color with the smallest number of ingredients possible.

Katherine Ramos, Co-Founder of Rituel de Fille, is an accomplished writer, editor and fine artist. She is passionate about craftsmanship and materials, and merges intuitive creativity with obsessive research and study. Katherine uses her meticulous writing skill to craft our imagery, while offering a unique expertise on histories and symbolism.

Caroline Ramos, Co-Founder of Rituel de Fille, is a makeup artist with a background in fashion editorial and has worked extensively on campaigns for major brands. She brings the same remarkable precision in her artistry to her work in our studio and to our aesthetic. She has developed an extraordinary gift as a formulator, with a deep intuitive understanding of how our ingredients interact to create the final product.
Michelle Ramos, Co-Founder of Rituel de Fille, is a professional makeup artist who works with high profile talent in the entertainment industry. Her artistry inspires the signature makeup aesthetic that appears in our brand imagery. She is a creative force behind our palette, bringing invaluable product insight to ensure unique wearability in edgy colors.