Frederic Dreux

R&D Packaging Prestige Leader

Dr Frederic Dreux holds a PhD in Chemistry (Polymer Science) and a postgraduate in packaging technology from The University of Loughborough (UK).

With more than 15 years of experience in packaging R&D, he has occupied different roles in different segments in Unilever.

His packaging journey started in Unilever’s Miko ice cream factory as packaging manager.

He has then integrated European packaging team for Spreads in Rotterdam where he completed his experience in tubs and lids with expertise in caps, closures and bottle. He has then integrated the Cross-category packaging R&D team where he was leading the Rigid Plastic new materials and technologies program for Unilever R&D.

Engaged to find disruptive solutions that contribute to more sustainable packaging, he and his team have been developing game changing technologies and raw material innovation contribute to Unilever Sustainability and growth commitment while further delighting consumer. Achievements examples range from world star packaging award winner aero technology in Dove Shower gel bottle (Mucell foaming technology application to HDPE bottle) to more recent first market applications of new recycling technologies closing the plastic loop at molecular level.

For more than one year, combining technical expertise, passion for sustainability and disruptive innovation, he is supporting Unilever Prestige Brands as senior packaging leader in a fast-growing environment requiring content packaging innovations contributing to Brands sustainability agenda.