Cyo Ray Nystrom

CEO and co-founder of Quim

Cyo Ray Nystrom is CEO and co-founder of Quim, a self-care line for “humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas”. After over a decade of enduring recurrent vaginal health issues, she left her role as the Head of Sales at Meadow and partnered with Rachel Washtien, to launch a plant-based intimate wellness company aimed towards empowering women to take charge of their vaginal health in sustainable ways. Quim makes THC and CBD infused products using all-natural ingredients that proactively support vaginal health and wellness, created with your daily self-care rituals in mind. Quim is based in San Francisco and aims to de-stigmatize conversations regarding vaginal health and sexual wellness, and see a happier yonic future for all. Since launching their first product, Intimate Oil, in April of 2017, they’ve expanded distribution throughout all of California, launched two new products, secured a temporary license to manufacturer cannabis products, closed over $250k in seed funding, and have garnered the attention of national media outlets such as Viceland TV, The Atlantic, and Conde Nast’s new LGBTQA publication, them.