We are a full service package manufacturer base in Korea & have another factory in China including a brush business. We mainly focus on makeup but with some skincare and specialized in custom packages development as we’ve been working with Amore Pacific(Korean Top Brand). Enjoy our packages and some finished products as a full service and anything you interested in either PKG or FML with finished Products, Please feel free to contact us anytime.

One Touch Cream Jar
One touch press the button on the top unlike existing jar which is screw type
1) Easy to open(screw closure -> One touch press / No screw action)
2) Two hands open -> One hand
3) A new way of opening structure, especially when your hands are slippery
with products
4) Inner jar is refillable by twisting

Refillable Tints (3 in One)
3 different tint colors or 3 different products like serum tint, lip gloss, lip scrub or eye, lip, concealer
1) Easy to open(screw -> snap on just pull out)
2) Easy to keep(3colos for eye or lip or 3 diffrent products with interchangeable
3) Easy to use(there is a mirror in the cap)
4) Inner bottles are refillable by twisting