ACT BEAUTY is expert in professional beauty accessories since 2006, but also a creator of luggage and fashion, retail and promotional accessories and a specialist in luxury packaging. Today, we are a market leader and work with the big retails companies. Our strong commitment to research and development and CSR has enabled us to register patented products for several years. Ready to meet all the needs of beauty, skincare and luxury brands, in a global service approach, we offer full-service solutions by optimising every steps.. Our ambition is to shape the future of beauty, at your side.

ACT BEAUTY presents the new primer ball brush, a new tools for skincare and pre-makeup routine. It has a rotating aluminium ball for cold massage under the eyes and a decongesive action. Its silicone applicator for free and safe contact permits the precise application of hydrating creams, serums, paints or masks. The silicone applicator is washable and disinfectable. In addition, the handle is made entirely of recycled aluminium.

This new generation of pcr make-up brushes provides the essentials for perfect make-up: powder, foundation, blush and lipping shadow.the brushes and handles in this set are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Because there are no ferrules, these make-up brushes are made entirely from recycled plastic. Its vegetable hairs are also made from recycled materials after consumption. And the new generation of fibres guarantees high performance, soft and fully recycled hairs.