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“Beauty brands must adapt to the new normal, in order to benefit from the announced resilience of the beauty market,” explains Leila Rochet, Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration and Creation.
Despite the rolling uncertainty of living in a With Covid world, McKinsey predicts that Beauty sales in 2022 will overtake the pre-pandemic levels of 2019. Consumer sentiment is optimistic, and the urge to create moments of escapism and entertainment in the midst of all the unpredictability – is very real.

“Creativity is fuelled by TikTok, and the shift towards self-education that happened over lockdown has enhanced consumers’ knowledge and skill-set. This creative autonomy, along with the rising digitalization of culture and the Gen Z influx are culminating to redefine Beauty. And in this new phase of aesthetic experimentation, makeup rebounds as a symbol of joy.” Leila Rochet, Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration and Creation.

For MakeUp in LA, the agency has selected four trends that define the need to reinvent beauty for
2022 and beyond. Joined by the common threads of fluidity and adaptability, these trends will help
the industry to find new dimensions of excellence and luxury; redefine values; meet new requirements,
and welcome the next normal of the industry.

#1. From Sustainability to Beauty Uncompromised

In 2022, purposeful beauty merges with sustainability to create a new beauty ecosystem one that is built upon uncompromising standards and principles. Consumers are pushing beyond ‘clean’ to a place of uncompromised wellbeing where pleasure and personal beauty are achieved without detriment to people or planet. The expectation is for nothing less than netzero.
Conference Room Feb 23 @ 11:30 amLeila Rochet, Conor Begley (TribeDynamics), Elena Severin (The Detox market).
Beauty Talk – Feb 24 @ 11:OO am – Romain Gaillard (the Detox Market), Anastasia Bezrukova (Minori), Iva Teixeira (The Good Face Project), Cécile Tuil (Albea)

#2. From Color to Joyspotting

As consumers navigate the uncertainty of a With Covid world, it sharpens the appetite for play and escapism. Joyspotting reveals a new facet of beauty, one where makeup is cumulatively selfcare, a tool of transformation and a manifestation of selffluidity. Brands must approach the art of beauty as an act of pleasure and develop products that deliver an instant shot of happiness, in order to lift
consumers out of the pandemic slump.
Beauty Talk – Feb 23 @ 3:00 pm – Olivier Zimmer & Addison Cain (Spate NYC), Katherine and Caroline Ramos (Rituel de Fille)

#3. From Inclusivity to Radical Adaptive Beauty

As we move towards a postinclusive society the beauty industry will seek to further individualise its approach, pushing beyond skintone matching to encircle all aspects of inclusivity. Today’s diverse and multifaceted consumers will expect to be met with products that fit their exacting needs. This radical adaptability will encircle everything from the specificities of melaninrich skin issues to eyelash
texture; from biological lifestages to access needs.
Beauty Talk – Feb 23 @ 1:30 pm – Conor Begley (TribeDynamics) – Gloria Noto (Noto Botanics) –- Dorian Morris (Undefined)

#4. From Skinification to Augmented Underskin

The pandemic has stirred the ultrafetishization of wellness and the healthification of the beauty industry. With a preventive mindset becoming the new normality, consumers are focused on care and safety, and they crave potent, powerdosing ingredients across all of their beauty products. In response, brands are engineering products using the latest technological advances, while at the same time introducing new, biological semantics into the beauty narrative. In the years ahead, consumers will be alerted to a new discourse around the underskin (Physical and Emotiona).
Beauty Talk Feb 24 @ 2:00 pm Sarah Jindal Expert (Mintel video) Aimara Coupet (Expert &
Founder of BeRadiance) Emmanuel Rey (Yuni + New Brand) supplier tbc


In an open and creative format, the Beauty Talks invite industry experts to discuss today’s major trends, focusing on four key themes, and how they will impact the beauty of tomorrow.
Each session will take 90 min including the presentation and Q&A all curated and monitored by Leila Rochet, Chief Inspiration Officer and Beauty Innovation Expert.
During the event, the team will also curate the Inspiration Bar, gathering the latest skincare and makeup product innovations that illustrate the major trends for the year ahead. Our Beauty specialists will offer expert insight on successful product innovation, and walk visitors through the disruptive textures, surprising effects, and invigorating smells of the latest products on the market. This sensorial
journey is designed to boost the creative process.


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