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No need for you to spend money by travelling and finding new suppliers and/or discovering new trends, innovations and networking…. They are coming to your door! Get ready this event is YOURS.



MakeUp in LosAngeles provides you with a comprehensive knowledge about a super dynamic region, a fantastic networking opportunity with cutting-edge brands and a unique occasion to discover new trends and innovations.


Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

9:10am – 9:15am: Welcome and Introduction
by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, BEAUTYWORLD CONNEXIONS and Linda Villalobos, LUXE PACK


9:15 am -10:00 am:  “Creative Design Direction: Key Trends For Autumn/Winter 2020/21”
Stylus will give a clear sense what kind of products consumers will want and how they’ll interact with them in the summer of 2020. As a new decade gets on its way, brands need to know how to respond to a progressive and diverse consumer; how to cater to a multicultural generation looking to express their heritage; and how to greet a newfound hedonism with exciting sensorial interactions. Working 18 months ahead of the season, these insights are timed to inform packaging and product development timelines.
by Claire Walsh, Color and design strategist at STYLUS


10:15 am -11:00 am:  “Using Claims and Transparency to connect with consumers”
The blockchain economy is here meaning full transparency matters. Consumers are interested in EVERYTHING about the products they are using including whether they are safe yet effective, prompting some marketers to make claims that land them unwanted FDA / FTC attention. Find out what are the claims most coveted by today’s consumers, what ‘buzzwords’ to stay away from and how brands can thrive when all elements come seamlessly together.
Round table moderated Daniela Ciocan, Founder, ACCESS BEAUTY INSIDER with the participation of:
Sharon Blinkoff, Of Counsel, LOCKE LORD
Chris Birchby, CEO & Founder, COOLA
Jennifer Stansbury, Managing Partner, THE BENCHMARKING COMPANY


11:15 pm – 12:00 pm “Marketing to Gen Z: Driving Profitable Growth”
We’ll look at youth culture trends and how brands can pivot to embrace what today’s modern consumers are seeking. When we see brands winning across generations it usually starts with getting passionate users to help spread word-of-mouth and word-of-mouse.
How can your brand create “talkable” actions? How can you leverage just-in-time content for just-in-time buyers? How this will affect packaging?
by Jeff FROMM, Marketing Strategist, President, Forbes Contributor, FUTURECAST


1:00pm – 1:45pm: “The Connected Customer Through Connected Cosmetics”
What does your lifestyle have to do with your skin? Everything. At Bianca de la Garza Beauty, we understand your skin is “connected” to every organ in your body. What you eat, drink, think about, and do impacts how healthy your skin can be—and how healthy you can feel. The inner GLO translates to our outer GLO. This inspires our philosophy that we call Connected Beauty- the Future of Connected Cosmetics.
Bianca de la Garza Beauty is purpose-driven, customer-centric brand fueled by a passionate founder who is in tune with her customers -because she is them. A media disruptor taking her customers’ needs and building a global brand and television/digital programming around them to drive the future conversation in beauty. It is cosmetics who curate a community around content that resonate with today’s tech savvy consumers.
Conferences by Bianca de la Garza, CEO & Founder of Bianca de la Garza Beauty.
Followed by: Data Mining, Near Field Communications (NFC) and other Digital solution to get connected with your consumers; is it the new Gold Mine and how to exploit it? by  Gary Montalbano and Erwan Leroy, Co-Founders of CMSmartConnect.


2:00pm – 2:45pm: “Additive manufacturing: What’s on the horizon for luxury packaging?”
This conference will aim to give packaging suppliers and luxury brands a clear picture of how 3D printing can impact their product development: reducing time to market, costs and boosting design possibilities. It will address the limits of the technology today and more importantly how 3D printing is poised to develop in the near future.
Moderated by Alissa Demorest, Editor-in-Chief, FORME DE LUXE
With the participation of Christophe Guesnet, Purchasing Strategy and Packaging Development Director, CHANEL and David Yi, Senior Packaging/Industrial Engineer, YONWOO/PKG and Adrian Apodaca, Global Director of Design Engineering, HCT Group.


3:00 pm – 3:45 pm: “Beauty trends 2020 by Nelly Rodi”

Spring ’20 BeautyLab / 4 Seasonal themes and 4 buying codes.
NellyRodi Paris will share its Spring ’20 BeautyLab presentation where you will discover the importance of the seasons key color direction and textures. They will unveil beauty, lifestyle and talents within the global community. Follow their stories:
Holiness, a return to origin hued in desert sunsets and chalky sandy textures.
Invincible is ultra-performance in the spirit of survival
Vision our happy generation with sustainable clever designs and milky, foamy diffused colors.
Spotlight seduces in its flamboyance and rich incandescent glamour!
Conference by Jacqueline Rumohr, West Coast Business Development for Beauty, Fashion and Home, Nelly Rodi Inc


4:00 pm – 4:45 pm: “What influencers really want: How to Create Experience Driven Packaging”
2,000 US-based influencers were surveyed in May 2018 to uncover what influencers really want from the marketers and brands they’re working with and all of those boxes they’re receiving. Vivabox will share with you the top 10 things you should do to create better ROI from your influencer campaigns based on case studies & insights and experience working with Sephora, L’Oréal, REI, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lily’s Chocolates and more.
Conference by Rachel Shayne, VP of Marketing and Partnerships, VIVABOX SOLUTIONS

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

9:15 am -10:00 am: “Unveiling the Color Wave 2020”
Continuing the unique collaboration between BEAUTYSTREAMS x MakeUp In, The Color Wave project is an expert study of color and identifies the key forecasted color for 2020. Announced one year in advance, this gives exhibitors and visitors privileged access to future information in order to anticipate consumer needs. Join the BEAUTYSTREAMS seminar for the official unveiling of the key color for 2020. Our expert will explore the significance of the color and how it can be applied to different areas of color cosmetics. Prepare yourself for the turn of a new décade!
Presented by Fernanda Pigatto, BEAUTYSTREAMS


10:15 am -11:15 am Part 1: “Rise of the Natural and Clean Movement”
From Retailers to Brands, from a trend to a mainstream movement, the clean beauty movement took the market by storm. Influenced by the Wellness movement and propelled by a new generation of influencers, clean indie brands and retailers, this is one of the main topics for the future.
Today, 59 percent of women over the âge merci of 35 believe buying green beauty is important to them, while 73 percent of millennial women seek out cleaner, all-natural products (Source: Kari Gran Green Beauty Barometer /Harris Poll). Why is the Clean Beauty Movement on the rise? What is driving this phenomenon? How will this impact the future of beauty both in skincare and makeup?
Presented by Leila Rochet- Podvin, founder of COSMETICS INSPIRATION & CREATION, with the participation of selected brands active in clean and natural products such as:
Conor Begley, Co-Founder & President, TRIBE DYNAMICS
Romain Gaillard, CEO/Founder ,THE DETOX MARKET
Sasha Plavsic, CEO/Founder, ILIA
Katey Denno, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Green Living and Beauty Expert


11:30 am – 12:15 pm :Part 2: “Are you Clean and Green enough for your Consumers?”
Consumer interest in products and brands perceived as natural, sustainable, ethical, and safe has never been stronger, but how are brands able to deliver on shoppers’ high expectations. This session will focus on consumer attitudes toward natural, organic, clean and sustainable beauty, brands perspectives on fulfilling today’s demands, and supplier/formulator and manufacturer insights on the hard work required to live up to the hype.
Moderated by Jeb Gleason-Allured, Editor-in-Chief, GLOBAL COSMETICS INDUSTRY MAGAZINE
Jennifer Donahue, Key Account Manager & Personal Care Marketing Manager, CRODA
• Richard L. PIETZ, Director, KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr
• Rose Fernandez, CEO, ALGENIST
Will Visser, Associate Vice President, GOLDEN ARROW AMERICA


1:00 pm – 1:45 pm: “Inclusive Indie Beauty: What’s Next?”
Multinational brands and retailers are rapidly expanding their offerings for consumers of every background. But Indie Brands still have a role to play – and unique challenges to overcome.
Moderated by: Jeb Gleason-Allured, Editor-in-Chief, GLOBAL COSMETICS
Jessica Estrada, Founder and Brand Architect, HUE FOR EVERY MAN
Bridget Howard, Founder, PARLOR WEST VENTURES
Veronica Lorenz, Founder, VAMP STAMP


2:00 pm – 3:00 pm: “Innovations in makeup and skin care (packaging, formulas, accessories, full service)”
The innovations presented in the MakeUp Innovation Tree is a selection made by the beauty industry experts of the latest innovations developed by our exhibitors, in packaging, formulation, accessories and full service.
Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, BEAUTYWORLD CONNEXIONS with the participation of Jennifer Karuletwa, Business Development Director – US West Coast, PECLERS PARIS will confirm how these innovations fit into the current beauty trends and will highlight the most significant ones.
This part will be followed by the “Milenials FavorITes Awards” of MakeUp in Los Angeles with awards designed and presented by Rick Weisbrod, COO of WORLD WIDE PACKAGING.
The “Milenials FavorITes Awards” will be singled out by Chic Studio students, lead and guided by Michele Burke, Makeup artist and designer.