Welcome to the Era of Healthy Aging!

Wednesday 23rd February 2022 – 9 :30 – 10 :15

“As the life expectancy of the global population increases, the consequences of aging are gaining more attention than ever. The notion of aging has long been considered in the context of a purely biological and medical definition, but today’s new take proposes a more holistic solution which tends to blur the boundaries between beauty, health, and well-being, relevant for all groups of society, regardless of age. Lifestyle, diet, self-care, at-home devices are now widely regarded as a fundamental aspect of healthy and mindful aging and living, and have sparked considerable interest across all generations. The conversations surrounding aging are undoubtedly changing with brands, and even the media, moving away from communication which focuses on eradicating all signs of getting older, and instead promoting the notion of being in harmony with one’s age, its visible signs, and its effects.
Join BEAUTYSTREAMS for an expert perspective on aging in our society and its impact on the beauty industry. BEAUTYSTREAMS is the global beauty industry reference platform. It is a one-stop, trend insights source for strategy, marketing, and product development teams worldwide.”

Michele Superchi

VP Global Sales Director – BEAUTYSTREAMS

Michele Superchi is a respected beauty industry speaker. Based in Milan, he is frequently quoted in the trade and consumer press worldwide.  In his role at BEAUTYSTREAMS he closely works with leading beauty conglomerates, established and indie brands, as well as contract manufacturers around the world, giving him a unique insight into global beauty industry trends. Clients include L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, Coty, Procter & Gamble, Kiko, Sephora, etc.
After work Michele is a professional waterpolo player, true to his credo “healthy minds live in healthy bodies.