Brand Awareness through Social influencing!

Thursday 24th February 2022 – 10:30 – 11:15

We have seen the evolution of how brands create awareness through marketing in the last five years shift from traditional to trend forward influencer and acquisition marketing. Do brands abandon traditional marketing ? How can we create brand awareness in this competitive social and technology driven world ? We are excited to be here and answer those questions! We will be taking a deep dive into how to work with influencers to create the best reach to your end consumer and dig into how you can implement growth acquisition into your budget and marketing plans!

Our discussion will also be informative on how to decide which influencer is best to speak on behalf of your brand, how you can create ambassador programs to retain loyalty, and the best end consumer content so you see conversion at every level.

Lastly, there are multiple strategies for each channel of distribution (ecomm, retail, professional) we want to share how you can tailor your spends and creative reach for each channel to ensure you get the most out of your strategy.

Bethany Crellin

CMO/Founder The American Influencer Beauty Bundle/Awards

“Bethany Crellin is a pioneer in the professional and retail beauty industry creating and launching brands and products for over 10 years. She had continued success building and developing Pravana through new product launches wrapped with a comprehensive go to market strategy to directly connect with consumers at every level. After conquering professional, she set out to tackle the retail market, launching Sparks hair color. She crafted a new innovative marketing strategy adapting to the new evolution of digital. Her successful approach brought brand awareness and entry in to top retailers, such as ULTA and Hot Topic out of the gate. She continues to be at the forefront of the changing landscape of key ingredients and chemistry for beauty products paired with a cutting-edge marketing plan infused with influencers, digital, and education.
She continued to stay trend forward and adopted social marketing in her brand building expertise, and launched the American Influencer Awards! Growth through acquisition paired with social marketing has earned Bethany a seat at the table as a professional in the influencer community.
She went on to launch the AIA Beauty Bundle, which paired influencer marketing with ad spend acquisition. She thrived in navigating the e-commerce business on building brands, and continues to lean into her expertise in all channels to help grow brands! “

Chris Crellin

Founder/ CEO American Influencer Awards

Patty Schmucker

Partner and COO with the American Influencer Beauty Bundle and Association

Patty has accumulated significant experience in business management and development, having served as Vice President of Sales, Education and Marketing the second largest distributor for the Aveda Corporation. During the last decade Patty has been involved with a variety of success stories in the cosmetic industry with expertise in strategic planning, product development, marketing, sales and education development, operational infrastructure, international expansion and financial management. Patty facilitated a program which helped companies develop $72 Million in new export sales. She is currently an Adjunct Professor with FIDM.